The Glass Menagerie

von Tennessee Williams (auf Englisch)

Open House Theatre Company Vienna


The Glass Menagerie is the play that launched Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tennessee Williams’ career and is among the masterworks of the American stage. Drawn from Williams’ life, this moving play explores the illusory world of dreams and the fragility of hope.


Abandoned by the father of her children, Amanda is obsessed with finding a suitor for her shy and vulnerable daughter, Laura. Tom, the restless and sensitive son who narrates the story, eases his frustrations with nighttime escapes to the movies. At Amanda’s urgings, Tom asks a co-worker to dinner. Can this “gentleman caller” offer any light to these bruised souls clinging to the tattered edges of lost dreams and faded hopes?


      Es spielen:    
       Tom Middler ...  Tom
       Anne Weiner   ... Amanda
       Julia Thorne ... Laura
       Alan Burgon ... Jim
       Victoria Halper   Regie
       Eric Lomas   Bühnenbild
       Maria Krebbs   Kostüme
       Alexander Knaipp   Dramaturgie


Eine Theaterproduktion von Open House Company Vienna.


Diese Produktion ist abgespielt.

Dienstag - Samstag

12. Februar bis den 5. März 2015

Beginn: 19:30


Theater Brett

Münzwardeingasse 2 

1060 Wien